“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Jack Welch

Data Centre Design & Relocation

Teknicor delivers leadership, efficiency and diligence to any Data Centre project regardless of scope. When designing a data centre it is necessary to ensure that everything from business objectives to availability requirements and physical space are taken into account. Fail safe infrastructure architecture is a core requirement to any enterprise that wishes to have a sustainable and highly available IT environment to support their operations. When developing a new and /or upgrading your existing “nerve centre”, it is important to rely on experts in the process to optimize design, risk mitigation, implementation and budget.

Structured Cabling

If you are planning to migrate your user environment to a new level of IT performance and want to know if your building cabling will support the new speeds, Teknicor can help. Perhaps your users are running up against a performance ceiling or experiencing baffling and annoying problems.

Our engineers have the tools and training to test your cabling infrastructure and provide-documented results outlining the performance capabilities of your current cabling infrastructure. We can also recommend and perform any changes required to upgrade or replace your structured cabling to realize the performance you need to run your healthcare business.

Across the hall or across the continent, Teknicor can help deliver dependable, secure access to your network


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