Management Team

Alan Fullerton – CEO
Mr. Fullerton is responsible for managing the company, developing and executing long-term strategies. Mr. Fullerton has extensive experience in many industries spanning from Finance, Retail, Technology, E-Commerce, Transportation and Distribution.

Mr. Fullerton has held various senior management positions including CEO, CIO, COO and Director in both large and small public and privately held corporations. In his 22 year career he has worked for many industry leaders including; KPMG, Freedom Int’l, Cantor Fitzgerald, Dell Inc and Canada Cartage Diversified.

His career has taken him through Canada, US and Mexico. Mr. Fullerton has a proven track record as people friendly leader, visionary strategist and passionate change-agent.

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Mo Eisen – CTO
Mr. Eisen is responsible for Teknicor’s technical excellence in all areas of the company and is co-responsible for all operations. Mr. Eisen is a highly seasoned and respected technologist in the IT industry.

Mr. Eisen’s 15 year career in technology has spanned many industries and company’s both large and small. He has held both senior technologist and leadership roles over the years including; Senior Consultant, Design Architect and Vice President of Information Technology. Some of the companies and organizations that Mr. Eisen has worked for are; Royal Victoria Hospital, Dell Inc, GRA Consultants, Canada Cartage Diversified. Mr. Eisen carries no less than 10 professional technical industry certifications including EMCTA, VCP, MCSE, DCSSP, BCFP, CDP, CNE.

Mr. Eisen’s focus in technology is in the enterprise datacenter design, architecture, system integration, system migration DR/DC and storage. Mr. Eisen’s experience includes a great deal of focus in strategic IT planning and human resource development. He is also, widely recognized in the Healthcare industry in Canada and provides a great deal of guidance to many hospitals across the country.

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Steven Fenster, CPA, C.A. – Executive Vice-President, Finance
Steven Fenster is responsible for managing Teknicor’s financial strategy and all functions within Teknicor’s Finance department. His knowledge and experience in corporate finance, reporting and operations, coupled with his tenure in various multi-national corporate finance environments will help the company in achieving its objectives and growth strategy.

During his 17-year career, Steven has held various senior management positions in both large and small public and privately held corporations and has experience in Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Engineering industries. He has been appointed to the Board of Directors of DeafBlind Ontario Services and volunteers on their Finance Committee.

Steven earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of South Africa and is certified as a Canadian Chartered Accountant.

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Tom Tibbetts, Executive Vice-President, U.S. Sales
Tom Tibbetts is Executive Vice President for Teknicor and is responsible for the U.S. sales team. Tom has spent more than 20 years working in a variety of roles within the MEDITECH technology space. He brings extensive knowledge of MEDITECH technology and healthcare requirements.

Prior to joining Teknicor, Tom was Executive Director of Sales at Dell’s MEDITECH Solutions Group. Tom’s past experience includes leadership roles at Data General, EMC, JJWild and Dell.

Tom earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Salem State College and completed numerous graduate school courses at Nichols College and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
In his free time, Tom is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his family.

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