Strategic Planning

In the today’s world of business and operations, success is continually becoming more reliant on complex technology requirements. At the heart of every successful organization is strikingly solid technology strategy planning. As technology and compliance requirements develop into significantly complex challenges it is evident that organizations must look outside their own companies for expert guidance and advice. At Teknicor we have the experience of sitting in your seat and an understanding of the task at hand, you can feel confident with Teknicor for your strategic thought leadership.

Strategic IT planning for small and large organizations

Rely on experts to support and develop these critical plans that map the future of your bottom-line.

Vendor, procurement and cost consulting for plans and projects.

Teknicor has been on both sides of the fence, leverage decades of supplier experience to optimize your strategic technology dollar.

Merger and acquisition due diligence and opinion papers.

Teknicor has been involved in many M&A situations. We understand the financial, technical and operational pitfalls that happen when inadequate research has been done on a target company. Our management has played leadership roles in many M&A scenarios. Look to Teknicor to assess, plan and implement the complex tasks involved with corporate technology integration.

Disaster recovery, business continuity planning and services.

Whether it is a software/hardware redundancy challenge or a compliance driven opportunity, Teknicor has the complete solution; from design to real estate.

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