We Have Walked
Your Road Before.

At Teknicor, we have acquired a wealth of industry-specific technical and operational knowledge through our management team and associates. Years of practical experience translate into real, viable, proven solutions that drive meaningful results.

We pride ourselves on being the “non-consultant” consultants, supporting our clients as part of our team.

We have experience of every industry, having faced, managed and overcome all the challenges our clients encounter. Having navigated the many worlds of IT before, our solutions are underpinned by established expertise and proven strategies. There is no guesswork or speculation here. Only result.

When You Call On Teknicor You Welcome Definite,
Vibrant Transformation

In the public and private sectors, from government and healthcare to mid-market and enterprise, Teknicor begins transformation. Unleashing the power of technology, secure data management and strong infrastructures, we affect the way our clients work and innovate the way their audiences interact with them.

In the public sector we secure administration.
In healthcare we improve engagement.
In mid-market we increase scope.
In enterprise we consolidate reach

Welcome innovation. Welcome transformation.

Become an industry leader with Teknicor.