After Scale: Consolidation.

Maintain Everything Already Built.

Stay Innovative. Remain a Leader.

Innovation is continuous but it’s far from self-sustaining. As a business scales, as a brand grows in authority and reach, it needs to ensure its products and services retain the quality that brought them to where they are today. From customer experience and differentiation to intelligent internal systems and reliable management of data, a business needs to maintain its edge. That’s what Teknicor provides enterprises: their edge.

In the right hands, IT can transform an enterprise business into a global thought leader and an example for those to follow.

Transformation is the Result of Insightful
Thought and a Plan Perfectly Executed

Plan, Consult and Prepare to Make Opportunities that Create Permanent Success

  • Rely on experts to support and develop strategic IT plans that map the future of ambition
  • Leverage decades of supplier experience to optimize your strategic technological dollar
  • Gain from having Teknicor assess, plan and implement the complex tasks involved with corporate technology integration.
Invest in the People Behind the Technology.
Make IT Simple, Predictable and Sure

The Right People Can Work Wonders

  • Build a business profile, candidate profile and recruit the right person with Teknicor acting as a trusted advisor
  • Assess and evaluate current IT resources and employ a training curriculum to refresh operations
  • Leverage a Teknicor seasoned IT executive to chair steering committees or be a member for a second opinion
Outsource IT Management to Experts Who
Optimize Operation and Exceed Expectation

Let Us Build and Maintain Internal IT Services and Report the Success

  • Execute strategy or project with the help of a Teknicor Project Manager while focusing existing resources on critical operations
  • Maximize IT bench expertise with the “fractional ownership” model to suit individual business requirements
  • Ensure continuity with Teknicor’s 20 years of vendor-side experience that solves technical emergencies in an accelerated manner
Create an Environment That Endures,
Breeds Innovation and Mitigates Risk

Optimize Infrastructure and Data Centre Design

  • Deploy structured cabling that provides a comprehensive telecommunications and IT infrastructure
  • Modernize operations and create intuitive workflow with data centres that have been thoughtfully designed or insightfully relocated
  • Automate business processes while maintaining the existing structure with enterprise application integration
In enterprise, IT delivers permanence.
The ability to constantly innovate management and refresh consumer experience.
Teknicor ensures enterprises maintain that which makes them great.