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Creating Tomorrow.

Once in place, Teknicor’s solutions endure.

It is in core storage, business continuity and disaster recovery, and professional services and support that we innovate existing processes. Leading technology and industry experts come together to create well-guarded infrastructures. Our solutions are more like blueprints. They are roadmaps to flawless execution, a challenge overcome and a procedure redefined.


Building Blocks

Best-of-breed technology powered by industry experts give our clients comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. Teknicor is more than a service provider; in Consulting and Educating our clients, we provide ideas. From Public Cloud to Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud and on Premises, our House creates a new technological ideal; whether Customer Managed, Teknicor Hosted or Teknicor Managed, our House maintains it. Infrastructures include services and management: Teknicor articulates both.

These are the building blocks upon which innovation stands.


This is What We Do

Technology, by nature, is fleeting. We find the permanent in it.

Safe, Intuitive, Unbreakable

Teknicor delivers advanced storage solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce risk and maximise potential and return on investment. With Teknicor, our clients innovate their every day.


Our state-of-the-art storage solutions effectively create vaults for your data. As a result, there’s greater reliability and shorter access time; the speed of internal operation increases while the level of maintenance needed decreases. We can also lower the overall effective cost of your storage.

Data Center Management/Automation

Our technology and our people manage IT and computer operations to bring clients dependable, secure access to their network. Large amounts of data are organized intuitively; routine processes are automated; workflow is revolutionized.

Offsite Data Archiving

By moving data that is no longer actively used offsite, not only do our clients get long-term retention, they also benefit from lower costs and increased storage space. Data is readily-available and neatly categorized. The system’s performance is heightened.


Teknicor’s MEDITECH Managed VPN creates a protected, encrypted pathway through which data can be accessed and shared. It reduces cost, uncertainty and mitigates risk. With Teknicor, information is stored and distributed in ways that are unbreakable.


We provide the resources and infrastructure necessary to proficiently handle compute-centric applications; a highly demanding process that requires a lot of time and investment is made simple.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Teknicor has the ability to consolidate and centralize management, lower risk and optimize costs through VDI. Using technology to provide virtual desktops, Teknicor enables clients to streamline operations while increasing their mobility and freedom of access.

Application Hosting

Teknicor hosts mission critical applications for clients across industry sectors. Reliability and performance are assured. We assist with enterprise applications like Microsoft and highly specific industry applications, such as MEDITECH HIS in healthcare. Our healthcare practice is an authorized MEDITECH Hosting Service Provider and MEDITECH Expanse/6.x integrator.

Rest Assured

With Teknicor, internal business critical resources are developed to be resilient, diverse and accessible from alternative locations. Our data protection services promise continuity. The IT circle never breaks.

Backup & Recovery

Teknicor stores data in a variety of medium: on premise and cloud. Through our backup and recovery services, clients are able to create a secondary copy of data that is readily accessible in case of failure. We ensure that your data is fully protected, whether on premises or in our data centres.

Managed Disaster Recovery (DR)

Teknicor can provide you with an industry-leading disaster recovery solution that is fully managed. Everything is in place. Nothing to manage. Our clients have peace of mind and an effectively an insurance policy against disaster.

Backup Vaulting

To further establish a comprehensive data protection strategy, Teknicor’s backup vaulting is specifically in place for those organizations that possess extremely sensitive data. By duplicating and sending data off-site, Teknicor proactively defends against potential failures and thefts.

System Hardening

Teknicor has various systems and measures in place to help deal with any crisis. Managing widespread viruses, bugs and ransomware requires proactive thought, detailed application and system hardening. Without a good crisis management strategy, a company is vulnerable; at Teknicor, our clients are not.

Data Replication

Teknicor also provides data replication to complement backup and recovery. Our robust data protection strategies allow clients to have their data stored on-site or on independent appliances that are geographically separated.

High Availability

Because Teknicor only employs best-of-breed technology, once in place, our systems are durable and operate reliably to achieve your uptime requirements, no matter how demanding. Our infrastructure has been tested and scrutinized. Resilient to failure, Teknicor’s systems run uninterrupted.

Air-Gapped Backup

Teknicor’s air-gapped backup physically separates and disconnects the most sensitive systems from their wider networks. By disassociating segments of an IT infrastructure, Teknicor isolates and consolidates that which is necessary.

Data Business Continuity/Resilience
Your Vision. Our Word.

We create internal systems that maximize return and fulfill expectation. Bridging the gap between what is and what could be, Teknicor shows you how.

Infrastructure Assessment

Teknicor has the practical experience needed to satisfy our clients’ business requirements and meet both present and future infrastructural needs. Our approach is driven by foresight and aligns only to best-of-breed technologies: proven design that is perfectly suited to elevate bespoke environments.

Software Selection / Implementation MEDITECH

Today, organizations face the crucial task of implementing the appropriate software solutions to meet the growing demand they face. With our wealth of industry experience, Teknicor is well-suited to recommend and present the software to resolve our clients’ issues.

Project Management Office (PMO)

To ensure we maintain our standards and further our reputation for customer satisfaction, Teknicor’s PMO oversees all our projects. Emphasis on execution lies at the forefront of what we do. Best-of-breed technology ensures our PTO is flexible, organized and sophisticated.

Big Data

Teknicor helps clients turn data into insight: collecting, analyzing and safeguarding their data by increasing speed and scalability; eliminating vacuums by centralizing and simplifying storage; and delivering insights on consumer trends, behaviours and opportunities. We turn data into a defining advantage.

Health Information Systems (HIS)

Our specialized healthcare division implements HIS systems at leading hospitals across the globe. Teknicor is an approved Expanse and 6.x Integrator and Authorized MEDITECH Hosting Service Provider.

Architecture & Implementation

Our architecture and implementation works around our clients’ objectives. We maximize their return by designing, deploying and maintaining their systems. Teknicor provides proven infrastructure that balances reliability, performance, scalability and compatibility.

Strategic Planning

We evaluate each client’s current business needs, consider where they want to be, and lay out a blueprint to getting there. Our perfected tools and methodologies, complete with prioritized recommendations, timelines and project costs, provides an IT roadmap to meet objectives.


By modernizing IT, our clients are able to deliver better customer experiences by increasing their speed, scalability, accuracy and agility. Supporting modernization means a commitment to achieving tangible business outcomes. At Teknicor, real innovation leads to real results.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Teknicor’s engineers use Artificial Intelligence to help our clients better manipulate and control more data. This allows them to improve speed, analytics, insights and security. Not only is system productivity heightened, the staff’s is too.


Teknicor revolutionizes the way video surveillance technology is delivered and managed. We help create safer businesses, safer institutions and ultimately, a safer way of life. Adoption, implementation and validation is easy; our clients can protect their world.


Facing Whatever Problems May Arise Definitively and in Unison.

Teknicor maintains an unwavering commitment to industry-leading support at all times. We’re the first call our clients make. We stick with a problem till its resolution and do not pass off issues to vendors. We resolve problems faster. With best-of-breed technologies, our expertise runs so deep that we rarely have to involve manufacturer vendors. Our engineers have been on the customer side; they understand the impact and frustrations of issues and are the best in the industry at turning issues into customer satisfaction. From start to finish, idea to action, Teknicor is available with loyal presence and resolute support.