Technology that

Transforms Care,

One Patient at a Time.

In transforming healthcare, Teknicor changes the way people live. It starts from the data centre, through to the cloud and ends at the point of care; it means better engagement with patients, innovative workflow and a secure passage of information. In transforming healthcare, Teknicor transforms what it means to care.

Our process is designed to give our clients control. Through a unique approach that entails consistently and thoroughly understanding our clients’ challenges, we present the appropriate solution that then lets them drive the end result.

Innovative and Lasting Care Begins
with an Articulate IT Strategy

Plotting the Future of Healthcare as a Service and a Commitment

  • Teknicor Information Technology Plan addresses present needs and shapes future aspirations
  • Transform existing infrastructures with IT systems designed and implemented by experienced engineers
  • Develop resilient and diverse internal business critical resources accessible from alternative locations
The Collaborations that Modernize Healthcare
and Propel Commitment to Patients

We Work with the Best So That Our Clients’ Get the Most

  • Teknicor is an official MEDITECH Collaborative Solution Provider, authorized Hosting Service Provider and 6.x Approved Integrator
  • Accelerate system design and implementation strategies through valuable guidance
  • Innovate management with comprehensive customer support, complete upgrade and software migration services
From Data Centre to Hospital Room,
the Power of IT Creates Uninhibited Possibility

Diligent and Insightful Leadership Makes Self-Sufficient IT Ecosystems

  • Optimize design, implementation and budget while mitigating risk with industry experts
  • Enhance performance and stretch capability by upgrading structured cabling
  • Create sustainable Data Centres and highly available IT environments
Strong Technological Infrastructures Facilitate
Care That is Dependable and True

Improve Quality, Operational Efficiency and IT Business Value

  • Empower procedure with proven infrastructure design best suited to meet business and operational objectives
  • Ensure continuous evolution by balance reliability, performance and scalability
  • Maximize productivity and functionality by adopting the appropriate software services