Our Duty to Those Making

the Biggest Impact on

the Largest Number of People.

The laws that oversee societies and the minds that populate them are direct products of Government and Education. In the public sector, essential moments that shape our tomorrow happen every day.

In this digital age, more is demanded and expected from these institutions. Governments have to navigate security breaches, tremendous amounts of data and multiple shifts in human resources and technological capability. In education, learning institutes have to develop and implement models that deliver unique learning experiences both digitally and traditionally.

There’s a chain of causality. People need advanced, modern governments and education; they in turn need efficient IT infrastructures and agile systems. It is through them that we are able to unleash the extent of our innovation. Their duty is to adapt and improve the way societies communicate and learn; Ours is to enable it.

Empowering Digital Communities That
Are More Connected Than Ever Before

Building Strong Data Centres with Access to Information and Cloud Technologies

  • Consolidate IT infrastructure to optimize efficiency and reduce cost
  • Encourage new devices, innovative applications and renewed engagement
  • Enable the ability to self-serve, automate and access digital services
Connectivity Calls for Security

Keep Confidential Information Protected with Secure Access and Stable Defences

  • Control access to data, infrastructure and public records
  • Mitigate vulnerability to cyber-attacks, threats and intrusions
  • Recover from disaster with rapid recovery and data protection
Anticipate Future Growth By
Integrating Long Term Objectives

Introduce Smart Services and Intelligent Technologies

  • Build scalable platforms with adaptable applications
  • Optimize workflow with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and durable insights
  • Educate with data management advisory services and management consultancy
In the public sector, IT gives society connectivity, community and evolution.
In Government and Education, people need to be engaged with ease and privacy.
Teknicor provides the resources through which modernity is embraced.